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Sick of SORE FEET? Strip up your FEET (put them on the top or bottom of your feet) with the PowerStrips™!!!! 
*Are you constantly on your feet with your profession?
*Do you have weak or fallen arches?
*Have you spent $$$ on orthotics?
*Do your pretty high heels hurt your feet by the end of the day?
*Are you a sports enthusiast/runner who's feet have really taken a beating or suffer from Plantar Fasciitis?
*When you first hop out of bed in the morning, do you get a rude awakening from sore feet and tight calves?
*Has the pain from your sore feet spread to bunions, shin splints, and pains in the knees and hips that have affected the lower back, neck, and shoulders?
"I have stood all day at work for really takes a toll, especially if we start out young and invincible and wear heels all day. Then, years later, we find out how stupid that route was, when we end up in agony. I've addressed mine by buying higher priced, excellent quality, sensible shoes...but whenever I still have a resurgeance of Plantar Fasciitis, I place a Power Strip under my arch, too. Why not?? It relieves INFLAMMATION so effectively, and inflammation is the cause of this pain." ~ Karla

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